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Our Loyalty Concierge Program Can Help You

Our Loyalty Concierge Program Can Help You
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If you don’t have enough money for repairs, renovations, or updates before your home goes on the market, should you reduce the price of your house? I have great news: There’s a way to be fronted the cost of those home improvement services before your house hits the market without any upfront burden to you. It’s our new Loyalty Concierge Program. This is an opportunity to get top dollar for your property.

This program is a hassle-free way for our sellers to get the work they need done and attract the right buyers. This program will help with staging, redoing a bathroom or kitchen, fixing the roof, plumbing repairs, and anything else that’s needed. Resolve any issues and make the home look ideal before listing.

“This is an opportunity to get top dollar for your property.”

The alternative would be to discount the price of the house to reflect the repairs that the next owners will have to do. Often buyers only have enough money for a down payment and not for repairs, so they won’t look at your property. They’ll pay more through payments over time on their mortgage than for repairs that need to be done right away. Making the needed changes to your home will set you apart from the competition who may not have made the necessary repairs.

Also, here’s a reminder to sellers to check out our free home value report, and for buyers, we have a free MLS search tool to explore properties all over Southern California.

If you have questions about our Loyalty Concierge Program or anything else concerning real estate, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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