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How Many Homes Buyers View Before Choosing

How Many Homes Buyers View Before Choosing
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On average, how many homes will you look at before you find “the one?” Today I’ll discuss my answer to this question.

The obvious answer is that it depends, but I can actually give you a lot more guidance and insight into this topic than that.

In general, you’re probably going to look at fewer homes in person than you think. With all the information available out there, 98% of buyers begin hunting for homes online, meaning you’ll see several homes before you and I will go to visit your top choices in person.

For every home you set foot inside, you’ll probably weed out 30 to 50 online listings that didn’t make the cut. Over the years, we’ve found that we tend to look at about seven homes in person with our clients before they actually place an offer. Mind you, being above or below that number doesn’t mean you’re bad or good—there are always extenuating circumstances.

“You’re probably going to look at fewer homes in person than you think”

If you use the right criteria to search for homes (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood, school district, etc.), then you most likely won’t need to view 50 homes. My goal isn’t to make my own life easier by discouraging you from looking at more homes; my job is to make your home search as efficient as possible so that you can enjoy a smooth process.

If you have any other questions about real estate, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to be your real estate resource.

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