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Home Trade-In Program: Buy Before You Sell

Trade-in Program
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Are you looking to buy a home but you have to sell your current home first?

Well, if you’re in that scenario you’re most likely having a very difficult time. You see, because as soon as the seller finds out that your offer is contingent on your home selling, most likely your offer is going to the bottom of the pile or they want nothing to do with you whatsoever. Unfortunately that’s currently the market that we find ourselves in today.

So rather than have our clients get beat over and over and over again, we’ve actually come up with a program and a solution called the Trade-in Program.

Now what’s so great about this program. It allows you as the buyer to be able to buy the new home first, and then afterwards you’re actually able to sell your old home. So this program allows you to be able to go to the top of the list instead of the bottom of the pile.

I’m Scott Himelstein with the Scott Himelstein Group and we’ve partnered with one of the largest lenders in the country to help bring you some unique tools and programs for our clients. Now, this Trade-in Program is just one of those unique tools that we offer.

If you’re interested in this program, reach out to me at 818-396-3311, that’s 818-396-3311. So the next time that you’re interested in buying a home, this way you don’t have to sell your old home first and you can go ahead and buy your new home right away.

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