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Best Fireworks in Los Angeles

Fireworks 2022
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This is Scott Himelstein with the Scott Himelstein Group. All right, so where can you find some of the best fireworks to watch on the 4th of July this year, here in 2022?

Well, it’s hard to believe, only two years ago during the pandemic, we didn’t have fireworks at all anywhere in Los Angeles County for the 4th of July. So, where I’m standing right now here at the Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, they’re going to have a fireworks show, their annual fireworks show, at 9:00 PM on July 4th. So, last year you had to stay in your car. This year, that’s not an issue, whatsoever. They’re not going have all of their normal festivities that they normally do, but they are going to have their fireworks spectacular, at 9:00 PM in Porter Ranch.

It’s also great to see all the other fireworks shows around LA County returning. You’re going to have to have Dodger Stadium. You are going to have the Hollywood Bowl. You’re going to have the Rose Bowl. You’re going to have fireworks in Calabasas. You’re going to have a fireworks show in Woodland Hills. So there’s a lot of different places to choose from. We’re going to include a link as well.

So make sure you take a look at that to find the best firework show closest to you. We hope everybody has a happy and safe 4th of July!

July 4th Fireworks 2022 In Greater Los Angeles:

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