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3 Things to Ask Your Agent in this Shifting Market

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What are the three questions that you need to ask your agent if you’re looking to sell a home in today’s shifting market? Stay tuned.

Hey, Scott Himelstein with the Scott Himelstein Group. Welcome back as always to our vlog.

So today I’m going to go over with you the top three things that you need to ask your agent if you’re going to be selling your home in today’s shifting market.

So the first, and I kind of think the most important one is that your agent has sold at least 10 homes, probably since about May. The reason why I say that probably 10 homes because you want your agent in the shifting market to have a really good grasp and understanding of what’s taking place, not what the media’s saying, not what the buyers are saying, but if your agent is listing and selling homes, they have a really good understanding of what’s taking place in the marketplace. The issue is that a lot of agents are still pricing homes based on May and June closed sales. They have not seen how pricing the home is critical right now.

Number two is making sure that the agent actually has a digital marketing plan. Gone are the days where a couple months ago, all you had to do was just put the house in the multiple listing service. You could take pictures with your cell phone, and that would be it. That would be literally all you really needed to do. Pretty much a monkey could sell the house. Well, now, that there’s more homes on the market, it’s a lot more difficult to make sure that your house actually stands out from the competition. So it’s really crucial that your agent not only has a professional photographer and video, but also how they retarget the home on social media, as well as being able to make sure that everybody knows about that house being on the market so you get as much activity and visibility as possible.

Third and finally is that make sure your agent has the temperament to be able to deal with buyers and buyers’ agents in this shifting market. Before, since it was a hyper frenetic seller’s market pretty much whatever the sellers wanted to do, the sellers could get away with. And agents a lot of times, especially representing the sellers, they kind of didn’t want to negotiate with the buyers. They didn’t want to talk to the buyers’ agents. So right now you want to make sure you have an agent that knows how to communicate with a  buyer’s agent, knows how to communicate with lenders, knows how to work through problems and solutions, and be able to keep the buyer happy so you can make it to the finish line and close escrow.

So, these are the top three things that we recommend that you talk about with an agent if you’re interviewing them to sell your house in this shifting market.

My name’s Scott Himelstein with the Scott Himelstein Group. If you have any real estate questions, feel free to give me a call (818) 396-3311 or send me a DM, and thanks again for watching our video.

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